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Developing a Responsive Website with a Design Company

21 |Feb 2017
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Responsive design is a website development and design method used by a responsive website design company which creates a system or site which reacts to the size of the user’s screen. Developing a responsive website optimizes an individual’s browsing experience by developing a responsive and flexible web page, which is optimized for a device which is accessing it.

There’s been a distinctive audience shift toward mobile browsing; responsive design will represent the easiest method of reaching audiences across several devices and ensure a seamless user experience. The year 2013 was hailed as a ‘Year of Responsive Design’, plus, with a higher preference of users reading news on the Internet across several devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets), responsive design is increasingly becoming critical.

Increasing reach to mobile and tablet audiences

The increasing use of the Web, as well as proliferation of web applications upon mobile and tablet devices has been a driving force behind the development. Users traditionally might be re-directed to device specific sites (that is, mobile), yet responsive design will mean a single website may be implemented around devices.

Increase conversion rates and sales

One other advantage of responsive design is that an individual has an improved website experience as there isn’t any necessity for redirection, usage of CSS (standardized Style Sheets) around devices, as well as unified design approach also creates a consistent feel and look. A consistent user experience has a positive impact upon your conversion rates as individuals are familiar with navigation, as well as system or site use around devices. Responsive design eliminates some of the barriers which having several websites may present, that is, in performance, functionality, as well as consistent feel and look.

Consolidate your reporting and analytics

One responsive website will mean that you no longer need to track conversion paths, user journeys, redirections between your websites and funnels. Website analytics tools such as Google Analytics now are optimized to deal with several devices and responsive reporting. Every bit of your analytics and tracking continually will function and be condensed into one report, permitting for easier analysis and monitoring.

Boost your visibility in the search engines

Responsive design will mean it’s possible to manage a single site with one set of hypertext links; thereby decreasing time spent maintaining the website. It permits you to concentrate on link outreach using a consolidated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.

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