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PayPal Firefox Login Issue

Firefox Won’t redirect on the PayPal login Page

02 |Sep 2014
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For a while we have been experiencing problems login in our PayPal account with Firefox. No problems with I.E.

When we attempted to login, the page would just hang with the circle running, not going anywhere. Until recently there was a link to click if the login page didn’t redirect. However, the link has now been removed.

We are listing below a work around to this problem (1) as well as how we fixed it on our browser (2).

1. Work around
After a few seconds of starring at the circle spinning hit the back button OR enter in the address bar.

2. A fix that worked for us
First we tested to see if the issue was caused by a plug-in or extension. To test plug-ins and extensions we started Firefox in Safe Mode and attempted to login in PayPal. We were able to login without any problems.
Then we disabled all the plug-in and re-enabled them one at a time (clicking under tools > Add-ons). Every time we re-enabled a plug-in we had to restart Firefox and then attempt to login in our PayPal account. In our case the culprit was the “Web Developer” extension. However, the extension was not defective. It had a “Disable Meta Redirect” enabled. We disabled it (see picture below) and voila’ the problem was solved.


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