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Why a Mobile Friendly Website is a Wise Investment

05 |Sep 2017

Advancements in mobile technology and the Internet have made it possible for businesses to offer products and services to millions of smartphone users around the world and generate huge profits. Statistics reveal that m-commerce (mobile commerce) is steadily increasing in market share, so sitting on the fence on whether you should invest in revamping your traditionally-designed website into a more modern adaptive site is no longer an option.

Here are some benefits of switching over to a responsive website:

  • Screen adaptability. A mobile friendly web site can automatically detect the size of the user’s screen and adjust how it displays relevant information without sacrificing readability. Gone are the days of having to inform users that they should use a specific screen resolution just to browse a site, which was a big letdown for users who wanted to shop while on the go.
  • Lower development costs. While it may appear that the cost of having an adaptive website is initially prohibitive for some SMEs, in the long run, this will actually cost less to manage and maintain compared to aging website codebases that are slowly being pushed out of support cycles.

  • Faster engagement with shoppers. Because you are using the same URL everywhere, your clients do not need to remember anything else to make a purchase. This is convenient for them and this means more profit for you.
  • Increased customer loyalty and improved market reach. Accessibility is the key to a modern website’s success. If your site is mobile friendly, customers will be able to reach it anytime and anywhere, giving them the almost effortless convenience when checking for updates on purchases made or making new ones quickly.

Why Not Invest in a Mobile App Instead?

While mobile apps are a great source of revenue for games and social media, the market share for online purchases through apps for other industries is still quite young. Add to this that once you develop for one mobile operating system, you need to develop for others also. If you have the desire, and more importantly, the budget and the long-term dedication to constantly improve your app(s), then no one is stopping you from utilizing this channel to raise revenue. By all means, go ahead and innovate.

Otherwise, start working on reaching your existing clients by offering them an easily accessible website that they can visit and use anytime they like.

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