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Key Points of Mobile Web Design

17 |Nov 2014
Posted by : admin Moblie Web Design

Web sites have created a way for people around the world to communicate, sell, purchase, and trade. Before, websites were offered through PCs only, but over time with the increasing popularity of mobile devices websites have gained mobility. Any website can be accessed through the use of a mobile device. This has caused new websites and existing web sites to create a mobile strategy for the consumers on the go. When planning to take a website and add the functionality of mobile devices, there should be a strategy used for your mobile web design.

There are several factors of creating a mobile website, whether it is for a new design or a preexisting website that needs to go mobile. Here are a few.

Condense. The mobile site will feature a condensed version of your original or full online website. Although consumers can still venture to your full online website with a mobile device, the loading speed of the website may be slower and take longer to access than what a mobile site would be. Prioritize the message you want to send to mobile users versus the overall mobile web site design.

Keep it simple. Mobile web sites are one-eighth the size if not smaller than a regular monitor. Therefore, it can only display a fraction of what a website can on one page. Keeping it simple could prove to be a success for your business and those who use the mobile web site. The important information should always be included such as the items you have available, the services you offer, or the most eye popping images to connect the onlooker personally with the mobile site.

Avoid multiple columns. When creating a mobile web design including two or more columns might create a problem for the onlooker. The text could become unreadable and the images distorted. Even though it may seem like a good idea to have multiple columns so they can view more at a time, having easy to read information with a scroll option is ideal.

Arrange information. When you have a lot of information to include in your mobile web site design, creating drop downs or tiers could be a solution instead of cluttering the page. Categorize the information in a simple format that will be easily pulled up with a cell phone.

Ask For Feedback. No matter what the mobile site is for, feedback is always a great thing to receive. By adding in an option for the onlooker to leave feedback, you could find issues that they encounter and fix them in a timely manner. When the feedback includes praise, your mobile site is working properly and attracting more people.

Test it! The last thing you should do before publishing your mobile website is to test it. By testing the mobile web site, you will be able to view the layout and what your viewers will see. This can help correct any problems that might have been overlooked during the creation process.

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