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What You Need to Know About a Mobile Web Site

20 |Apr 2015

Most people that use mobile devices recognize that the web sites they view on their mobile device can be different from the web site that they view on their computer at home. For the people that use a mobile device or a computer, they are not worried about why this happens. As long as they can get the information they want from whatever computer device they want, they are happy.

It is up to the web site owner to make sure that the visitors to their web site are able to get what they want. Most people desire a responsive web site. They want a web site that is easy to navigate and that is easy to understand. It does not matter to the user of a web site, whether they are accessing it from their mobile device or from their computer at home, if it does not work the way they want, they will go somewhere else.

The web site needs to understand this. The web site may be the first and only way that a person interacts with a business. If the website does not work the way the visitor wants, that visitor will be lost. Every lost opportunity is a problem for a web site.

What should web sites do?

Recently, Google made an announcement of a change in the way their search engine is going to operate. They are going to take into account the mobile friendliness of a web site. That means that web sites have to take this change seriously. The ability of people to be able to find a web site is a key to the success of the web site. If they are not able to create a mobile web site that is not only user friendly, but also Google friendly.

In order to accomplish this the owners of the web sites are going to have to make changes. They are not only going to have to figure out how they can make their web sites mobile friendly they will also have to figure out how to monitor what they are doing. Fortunately, Google is going to help with this. They are offering a guide to mobile friendly sites and they also have a mobile friendly test that can be used on a web site. Their mobile usability report can help a web site find any issues that might be occurring.

Web sites need to make sure they are aware of the use of mobile devices and how it will impact the success of their web site. The use of a mobile web site is only going to become more important and now is the time to take advantage of the new landscape.

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