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Need help with your toxic link removal?

27 |Sep 2016

Toxic links are links to your website that negatively affect its search ranking results. These links can have any number of origins, but the important part is that as long as they are out there, it can result in your website being pushed down the list of results when someone—usually a potential customer, or someone who wants to know more about the industry in which you are engaged—does a search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any of a number of other search engines.

A professional SEO company can help by performing a toxic backlink analysis, which will help you to identify these bad links. They can also help engage in an aggressive campaign of toxic link removal in order to remove the offending links and help your website perform the way it should in search results.

Hiring a company with extensive experience in toxic backlink analysis ensures that they know exactly what to look for in order to discover the links that may be dragging your web traffic down and how to fix it. Most SEO companies can quickly scan a list of results and determine which links are legitimate—and thus boost your website traffic—and which are not. It is these illegitimate links, perhaps created by a disingenuous SEO company that was trying to give your website a sudden boost, that have the impact of garnering your website a penalty from the search engine that you are concerned with.

There are a number of businesses which claim to engage in toxic link removal, however, without a proven track record of eliminating these links and helping websites climb back up the search results ranking ladder, it can be hard to tell who to trust.

You need a company that knows the world of Internet search engines, and how they work. For example, Google does regular algorithm updates, and if an SEO company is not up to date on the most recent changes, they could be flushing your hard earned money down the toilet. Toxic backlinks not only hurt your search engine rankings, they can slow your site down and also steer potential customers away, especially if the backlinks on your site take them to advertisements or sites that have nothing to do with what they are looking for.

You want your website to be professional, fast, easy to navigate and packed with useful information for the viewers of the site. Links that send customers away from your site, to relatively useless information, is going to lead them to believe that you do not know what you are talking about and that they should look for a company who can give them a clear idea of the services and products being offered.

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