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Toxic Link Removal from your Website

25 |Jan 2017

Toxic links are backlinks that harm the Page Rank and search ranking of a domain. Google’s Penguin updates forever changed the search engine scene. To explain plainly, the Penguin updates’ purpose was to target websites that unjustly occupy top results in search rankings.

You have to already know that it’s simple to rank a domain with black hat search engine optimization techniques and those rankings manipulate Google searches’ overall quality.

Furthermore, backlinks still are the most critical factor in search rankings. If the site contains reputable backlinks, the search engine will value it higher and provide it prominence within search engine results above other websites that have poor backlink connections.

Finding and Eliminating Toxic Links

But, you also must know that it’s simple to acquire backlinks. Use of link networks, paid posts, and website wide links include some ways used to obtain backlinks and increase SERP.

Google utilized the Penguin update to bring down an axe on numerous sites. Needless to say, a few genuine websites were affected within the process and a handful of websites, which were genuine yet had poor link management, were also penalized.

The only option is toxic link removal.

How can you Know if Your Website has Toxic Links?

If your website is affected by the Penguin update, the website has to have toxic links. You may figure out if your website was affected or not by Penguin using the following techniques:

  • Decline in Search Traffic: If you witness an immediate decline in organic traffic, Penguin’s axe fell on your site. Visit Google Webmaster tools or Google Analytics to check.
  • You Created a series of Toxic Links: If your SEO agency or you created toxic links in order to manipulate results, then look no further.

Google Webmaster Notification

If the search engine doubts your website, a warning message will be sent. Did you receive one? Act quickly to get these toxic links removed. It’s possible to pull the backlinks profile up from Webmasters providing a toxic backlink analysis, manually scan it and begin to get them removed.

Many of the toxic links include those backlinks which derived from utilizing link networks, links that came from unassociated domains, websites that have malware warning, spammy websites, porn or casino links, and websites that have a massive quantity of external links.

Measures to Take after Removal of Toxic Links

Once all of the toxic links are eliminated, file a request for reconsideration with Google. If the search engine is satisfied with your efforts, they’ll restore your website back to its initial placement.

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