Blog Web Design Series – Know What You Want in Your Website

Web Design Series – Know What You Want in Your Website

22 |Sep 2014
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Web design is so much more than simply throwing some text and pictures up and creating a site that draws people in. There is a great deal of planning and work and time that goes into making a website great. There are some important do’s and don’ts that have to be followed if you want to be successful. Consider the following website design commandments

Thou shalt not make the content hard to find.

You have to use adverting in your design in many cases so you can keep your website up and running. However, be careful that the pop ups and ads on your site do not deter visitors. If someone has to close two pop ups windows and scroll past three ads before ever getting to your content they will lose interest in your website design and content and they will not be staying on your site for long.

Thou shalt not clutter.

Simple is often better when it comes to a website. You can use photos and image sand have an interesting layout but the ultimate goal should be to get people to your site and get them looking at your content and reacting to it. They cannot do that if the layout and design is so cluttered with stuff that it is hard to navigate. It is important to approach the design stage with the KISS principle in mind- keep it super simple!

Thou shalt not use overly complicated names.

Some of the most successful website designs are the ones with catchy and easy to remember- and easy to type- names. AbrosiaAirEscapes may sound amazing, but if no can remember it or type it in correctly no one will be finding your page. Look at some of the popular and successful sites for name ideas: Flickr, Meebo, Hulu, and so forth.

Thou shalt pay attention to typography.

Almost as important as what you say on your site is how you present it. There are many different fonts you can choose from when you are designing your website. But remember that simple is often better and while it may not look as flashy, using normal text fonts can make your site easier for everyone to read, thus appealing to more people, and increasing your chances of having a successful design.

Thou shalt be social.

These days, people do not just want a site that spews information at them. They want to be able to engage, communicate, and reach out to others. The most popular web design will feature things such a forums, blogs, comments, review, images and video, and other ways that visitors can engage the site and stay in touch with you and other visitors.

These are the important points to keep in mind as you work on your website design and develop a place of your own on the World Wide Web!

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