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The Most Overlooked Details of Web Site Design

13 |Jul 2015
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Designing a website is more than slapping a few pictures and words on a page and publishing them on the internet. It takes experience, precision, and knowledge to create a web page that is functional, pleasing to look at, and reaches out to your customers. Before you make one of the most overlooked web site design mistakes, learn what they are to ensure that you have a properly designed web site that brings you more business.

Your Web Site is not Accessible on all Devices

This is a large problem for many web sites today. As people become more mobile and demanding information when they want it, they are accessing websites on Smartphones and tablets, not just computers. This means that your web site design must be able to adapt to these devices or you risk your information getting lost and your web site looking useless to the people trying to access it.

Overusing Flash

Flash has its time and place for appropriate usage on web sites. In many cases, it should not be used at all. If you overuse it, however, it will turn off almost everyone that comes to your web site. Flash oftentimes makes web sites move slow, unable to load at all, or just overbearing to read through. Rather than risking the loss of a potential audience, ask a professional that specializes in web site development what they think of the use of Flash for your web site.

Using too Many Pictures or Content

A crowded webpage is very unflattering for your business. The average person spends only a few seconds on a web page before making the decision to stay or move on to another web site. If your page is filled with colors, pictures, and content and is not easily scanned, then chances are most people will move on to a web site that is easier to scan over to see if it has the desired information for the consumer.

These simple, yet often overlooked mistakes could cost you a majority of your target audience. Remember that your website is often the first impression that many consumers have of your business as they consult the internet before ever leaving the house. If you want to create a good impression, then you need to have professional web site development performed for you to ensure the user friendliness, beauty, and usefulness of your web site for anyone that tries to access it from any device.

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